Modest Update: Patch 2.00

Major changes

  • Upon collecting every Anubis part you unlock "ANUBIS HAZMAT UNIT" suit wich can be equipped in "Geofront"
  • After the suit is destroyed you don’t go back to Geofront. "Anubis" grants second chance in battle
  • The Researcher now can be found at the beginning of each floor
  • Slot-machines in room before the boss require only 1 coin to activate
  • New contrast cursor for easy aiming

Narrative updates

  • New names for disposable drop items
  • The Researcher missions have been rewritten
  • Corrected spelling errors
  • Rewritten existing dialogue with Geofront dwellers
  • Fixed the problem with choosing dialogue options in "Austere Asceticism" dialogue
  • Fixed the problem with choosing dialogue options in "Zeitgeist" dialogue
  • Changed "Ark of Ideas" floor name to "Alma Mater"

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where character would be thrown out of the room while shooting
  • Correlated burning zone with zone of recieving fire damage

Minor updates

  • Changed Artifacts that are given after using secret usernames
  • Some chandeliers in "Hoarding Dragon" room are now mirrored
  • New sound after completing Researcher Request
  • You can now choose dialogue options with UP and DOWN buttons on d-pad instead of L1-R1 (LB-RB)
  • All breaking sounds are now much more quieter

Balance changes

  • Increased damage and nerfed range of "Büchsflinte"
  • Increased fire rate of "Bergmann 1896"
  • Increased damage, fire rate and nerfed range of "Arcaballista"
  • Increased fire rate of "Misspent Youth"
  • Nerfed range of an Infant trapped in treasure chest
  • Reduced blast radius of each explosive object in the game

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