Modest Update: Patch 1.99

Major changes

  • We added a log of picked up artifacts 
  • After achieving certain conditions within the game your starting weapon changes to "Single Action Army" revolver now
  • Now slot-machines in room before the boss require only 3 coins to activate
  • New Tradesman added
  • Changed conditions required for new Convicts to appear in Geofront 
  • New maps added

Narrative updates

  • New algorithm for showing dialogue in Geofront
  • The Researcher missions have been rewritten
  • New lines of dialogue with Geofront dwellers
  • Updated dialogue in special rooms
  • Game now supports dialogue options
  • Corrected spelling errors
  • Rewritten existing dialogue with Geofront dwellers
  • After completing a mission now there's notification about your reward in "Encounters" menu

Bug fixes

  • Game now supports 2560*1080 screen resolution
  • Fixed the looping dialogue 
  • Fixed secret usernames

Minor updates

  • Enlarged Health icon
  • Enlarged Artifact icon
  • Deleted resisist to normal damage
  • "Kether Flask" now drops in "Jacco Macacco" boss room
  • "Hoarding Dragon" now has twice of his original HP

Balance changes

  • Nerfed damage from "Discriminant" artifact
  • Nerfed time span of "Düppel Chaff" artifact 
  • Nerfed damage from "Decima" artifact
  • Nerfed damage from "Wheel of Fortune" artifact 
  • Nerfed damage from "Factorial" artifact
  • Increased Health after using secret usernames

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